Cosmetics Guide for Blue Undertones


Have you ever wondered why some cosmetic colors make your face noticeably radiant, while other colors leave you looking blah?

To make your skin glow, eyes pop, and smile sparkle you need cosmetics that compliment both your skin tone and undertone - the subdued color underneath your skin's surface. 

When your makeup matches both your skin color and undertone, you're guaranteed to have a proudly beautiful look!

Blue Undertones 

People on the deepest end of the skin spectrum - like model and designer Alex Wek (pictured at left) - often have blue undertones. 

Here's some tips to bring out the best in blue undertones! 

Complimentary Color Pairings

Blue undertones look their best in rosey pinks, reds, plums, burgundies, golds, and browns.


Winning eye makeup combos include plum and brown or deep pink and brown. Rose, burgundy and maroon eyeshadows will also make your eyes sparkle.  

If you're feeling extra daring, add a touch of yellow or green in the corner of your eye to give plum eyeshadow an extra oomph. 


Again, a pink and brown or plum and brown combo will work well. Don't shy away from bold shades such as blue, magenta, red, or black cherry. 

For a more casual look, play with dusty pink or rose lip sticks, stains and glosses. 


Add some color with pink, rose, plum or maroon. 

Color Me Not

Blue undertones should stay away from using white, gray, and pastel cosmetics. 



Brown Eyes & Pink Lips

blue 2.jpeg

Plum Eyes & Red Lips


Brown Eyes & Rose Lips

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Blue Undertones, what's your favorite makeup color to wear?