Who is your makeup for?

Our makeup is for ethnic women. That means any woman who considers herself diverse, of color, brown, black, ebony, multi-racial, mixed race, biracial or ethnically ambiguous. 

Color matching and enhancing are often a challenge for ethnic women due to the fact that the makeup needs of women of color are typically overlooked by big brands. That's why we offer perfectly matched cosmetics, conveniently delivered to you!

How do I know your makeup will actually look good on me and match my complexion?

Our unique skin tone and undertone matching empowers us to be your virtual makeup consultant. 

Have you ever wondered why some cosmetic colors make your face noticeably radiant, while other colors leave you looking blah? To make your skin glow, eyes pop, and smile sparkle you need cosmetics that compliment both your skin tone and undertone - the subdued color underneath your skin's surface. 

When your makeup matches both your skin color and undertone, you're guaranteed to have a proudly beautiful look!

What if I'm unsure of what to buy?

Our Proud Beauties Cosmetics Club takes the guesswork out of selecting the looks and colors that will make you look your best. 

You choose the makeup looks, membership level, and delivery schedule. And we hand-select cosmetics that match your preferences, skin & undertone — so your customized deliveries are guaranteed to help you look your best. 

What if I'm not very good at putting makeup on?

We offer free makeup tutorials as well as 1-on-1 makeup consulting. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube for more tutorials. 

Do you offer 1-on-1 makeup consulting?

We offer personal makeup consulting via Facebook messenger, email, Skype or Google Hangouts. 

What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase? Can I get a refund? 

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are not happy with your purchase, contact us for an exchange or full refund.

Do you create your cosmetics?

We work with a network of reputable manufactures who make cosmetics that match our high-quality specifications.

Do you have hypoallergenic products? 

We do offer many products for sensitive skin and list the ingredients of most products.         

What are your makeup ingredients?

Although our ingredients vary depending on the product, much of our makeup includes natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, sesame seed oil, lanolin and Vitamin E.