Tired of searching for makeup that truly compliments your ethnic or mixed-race features?

Join our Proud Beauties Makeup Club to receive special cosmetics selections — hand-picked for your skin, undertone, and style — conveniently delivered on your own schedule. 

Whether you're looking for a natural, sporty, professional, romantic and/or dramatic look, you can depend on ISC to make you feel proudly beautiful with high-quality cosmetics that truly compliment you

As your personal makeup consultant, we take the guesswork out of choosing the looks and colors that make you look your best. So your cosmetics deliveries are guaranteed to make your skin glow, eyes pop, and smile sparkle. 

Plus you'll receive VIP membership perks, including exclusive savings, new product samples, makeup tutorials, and ISC event invitations. The only thing you have to worry about is responding to compliments! 

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You choose the makeup looks, membership level, and delivery schedule.

As your personal makeup consultant, we hand-select cosmetics that match your preferences, skin & undertone — so your customized deliveries are 100% you. 

As a club member, you'll unlock exclusive savings, new product samples, makeup tutorials, and ISC event invitations. 

You'll also receive the first chance to enter our contests and giveaways. In short, you'll experience 100% VIP. 

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We offer high-quality products at bargain prices because we want to do everything we can to help you be proudly beautiful. 

First-class makeup that doesn't break the bank and includes a satisfaction back guarantee? We call that 100% hot! 



Rich Colors

I get compliments when wearing ISC makeup, and I'm constantly recommending ISC to others!"

— Andrea Merriweather

A Great value!

“The makeup I purchased was high quality and  applied very smoothly. I'm very pleased!"

Beryl Jones

Quality products

"I love how ISC products compliment my dark skin and eyes!"

— Lynita Biakinogho 

Be Proudly Beautiful