International Spectrum Cosmetic's Story

When I was around 15 years old and just getting into makeup, my mom received an advertisement about a monthly makeup club on the front door knob of our house. It promised to ship beautiful cosmetics to us every month. The price wasn’t bad, so I was hooked.  

I convinced my mom to sign up and we started receiving our “gifts” every month with new makeup to try. It felt like Christmas every 30 days and was never boring or repetitive. 

But month after month, our kits were filled with cosmetics that were far too pale for our deep cooper brown complexions. The eyeshadows we received were very pale and light in color, which came off as chalky on our deep skin tones. 

So while we loved the concept of a monthly makeup club, it was clear the company didn't have people like us in mind when they formed. Our excitement increasingly faded with each kit until our enthusiasm fell flat like a deflated balloon and we finally we cancelled our subscription.

But I never forgot about that makeup club and how they missed out on connecting with women of diverse skin tones. As I grew older, that company became just one of many that I saw passing up opportunities to cater to the vast community of women with ethnic skin tones, tropical skin tones, and women of the sun!

Over the years, I often thought about the marginalizing experience my mom and I had with the makeup club with some melancholy. Then I had the chance to start my own company - one that addresses the needs of women with rich pigments in their skin. I could finally do something about the fact that many women were not being adequately considered, even in the 21st Century by major brands. 

Though it's become easier for ethnic women to find cosmetics that compliment them over the last decade, color matching and enhancing is still a challenge for many diverse makeup wearers. And it's often a struggle for women to easily purchase ethnic-friendly cosmetic products, especially close to where they live and normally shop.  

That’s why I started International Spectrum Cosmetics (ISC) to help ethnic women celebrate all of who they are with perfectly paired cosmetics.

Even though some makeup companies are coming closer to providing a full color spectrum, many are ignoring the need to match both skin tone and undertones when selecting cosmetics to create a flawless, stunning look. 

Our unique skin tone and undertone matching empowers ISC to be your virtual makeup consultant.

Whether you're looking for a natural, sporty, professional, romantic or dramatic look, you can depend on ISC to make you feel proudly beautiful - no matter your shade. 

Join our Proud Beauties Cosmetics Club to receive a special cosmetics selection - hand-picked for your skin, undertone, and style - on your own schedule.

My promise to you is high-quality products at bargain prices, all conveniently delivered and truly complimenting you!

- Kim, ISC Founder & Cosmetics Consultant